Epic fail: Fashion models falling!

Here’s a roundup of runway models tripping, slipping, sliding and crawling down the catwalk. All together now: Ouch…

Okay, I will admit that I am no poster child for standing up straight. Hell, I can’t even be the spokesperson for walking straight on a flat surface. So, I would be the first to understand that when gravity hates you, it really hates you, and these poor girls must have the bruises to prove it.

Don’t get us wrong, We are in no way laughing at the perils of these gorgeous girls (okay, maybe a little. On the inside). Being tall, super slim and a runway queen must be a very dangerous job with all the slipping, tripping and tumbling that takes place ALL. THE. TIME.

Come on, you must confess that there is something very hilarious about someone falling – even if it’s your friend, your enemy or even yourself falling down flat on your butt – you can’t suppress the giggles!

So sit back, strap your feet to the ground and watch these fashion faces do it without any finesse.



Ouch! Not once, not twice but thrice. At least she gets credit for taking her tumble in her stride though.



Is this the new version of the Gangnam style?

Maybe she thought a dip in the pool would be oh-so refreshing?


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